Knob ActiveX Control

Knob ActiveX Control 1.4

Software to create a 3D image volume knob

The Knob ActiveX Control software program allows you to put a knob image on your PC screen to help you adjust audio files according to your preference.

The program lets you make a knob on the screen so you can put some control on any image or sound that comes out of your PC. The only thing that you need to do is move your mouse or punch a few buttons on your keyboard to make an adjustment.

The Knob ActiveX Control provides 3D effects and has outer bevel, inner, border bevel and gradients. The knobs that you create can have a numerical scale to help you determine how loud or how soft the audio file is.

The Knob ActiveX Control even allows you to customize your bevels or borders. The range of the numerical scale can also be set according to what you want.